Monday, February 7, 2011


I tried to write a post about how it's not healthy to be too hard on yourself, then use that as the introduction to a list of five things I do well, but a couple of things happened. For one, I couldn't think of a full five things. Secondly, it sounded really contrived. And fair play, because it totally was. I just wanted to brag about my baking abilities.

I can bake something serious, you guys. None of this fondant-covered Food Network stuff, but real, mostly-butter, crumbly-edged, somebody-get-me-some-ice-cream, essence-of-southern-grandmother goodies.

It's important that you know this about me because if you've ever seen me Charleston, you might think I'm not good at anything.


*Upon rereading this, I realize it's not much of a worthwhile post, is it? Let's make it a game. Leave a comment bragging about your awesome skill, then I'll reply with something that I think you do well. It's fun to brag, but getting a compliment too? How can you resist?.


  1. I'll start.

    I am so good at baking.

  2. I have a really good memory, though it probably is not what it once was. Way back in college, I took a memory test, and did so well that the test's administrator was slightly stunned.

  3. @Molly - Thanks for starting. You are amazing at recognizing good hairdos.

    @Kristen - Thanks for playing along! You are really good at actually taking care of real business. Not like when I say I'm good at taking care of business and mean that I finally went to the bank after having a check in my purse for a month. You accomplish stuff in a meaningful way that is kind of dazzling. That might be a boring one to hear, but I'm always impressed with how on the ball you are. If you want a fancier compliment, I will add that you are also good at finding hairdressers.

  4. I am a good deal-finder. During these last five years as the family "breadwinner" I've tried really hard to meet both our needs and our wants and I think I've struck a pretty good balance. - Marisa

  5. Mei - Yeah, that's definitely something you're good at. You are also a very generous and thoughtful person. So frequently you pick out something special for Abby while you are out bargain hunting for your own kids (thanks!) and really helped me when I was planning for her. You always seem happy to share something good with everyone else.